Post-Surgical Deluxe Recovery Kit-Belly Bands
Post-Surgical Deluxe Recovery Kit-Belly Bands
Post-Surgical Deluxe Recovery Kit-Belly Bands
Post-Surgical Deluxe Recovery Kit-Belly Bands
Post-Surgical Deluxe Recovery Kit-Belly Bands
Post-Surgical Deluxe Recovery Kit-Belly Bands

Post-Surgical Deluxe Recovery Kit

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Abdominal Surgery Recovery

The Heal Better Kit by Belly Bands is a first worldwide in creating a practical educational tool for patients following abdominal surgery.

Being prepared for surgery and again for recovery can make the transitioning from hospital to home easier, allowing you to get back to normal life with confidence that your body is healing well. 

The heal better kit contains six quality products known to assist healing, ease pain, prevent infection, treat post-op bloating and scar treatment.

Combine with the Recovery educational App which includes step-by-step videos on scar care and ways to avoid the most common post-op complication, such as infection, herniation, and adhesions. 

The heal better kits come packed in a beautiful box, suitable for any abdominal surgical procedure and are also ideal for those wishing to give a gift of healing. 

✚ Heal Better Contents :
  • Post Operative Belly Band
  • Scar Massage Cream
  • Natural Skin Brush
  • Herbal Tea for Gas and Bloating after surgery
  • Hot and Cold ice pack
  • Silicone Scar Sheets
  • + Heal Better Recovery App  
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    Heal Better ♥︎ Belly Bands!

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    The belly band is an elastic compression surgery-recovery-girdle, designed to gently support the abdomen following abdominal or spinal surgery. ( Video is demonstrating the 18cm width).

    Created with a focus on comfort, flexibility, adjustability, and hassle-free sizing, making it suitable for most body types.

    1. Abdominal Support: If you are suffering pain or herniation prior to surgery, you can use the Belly Band for additional support as many people find it helpful 

    2. Surgery Recovery: medical studies show that binding the tummy post-op, can significantly reduce pain, keeps the wound stable and make walking easier. 

    3. Wound Healing: support the abdominal wall, is important to keep the incision as stable as possible during the first 6 weeks after surgery. Applying compression can also help the scar to become flattered and lessen the risk of Incisional Herniation.

    *Pack Belly Bands surgery recovery girdle in your hospital bag, and be sure that you have it on hand after your surgery. While it can be used within 24 hours of your operation, it’s always advisable to check with your doctor or surgeon before putting it on.

    When choosing a Belly Band, simply use your current clothing size as a guide -  do adjust for weight gain when ordering early in pregnancy.

    Note: The Standard -18cm is our most common fit, but we do recommend choosing the smaller size if you are in-between sizes.

    Women Size Guide

    Mens Size Guide

    Need Custom Size? No worries, contact us with your requirements. 

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          Download Free Abdominal Surgery Recovery App

          At Belly Bands we’re passionate about helping everyone get back to normal life after surgery!

          Manufacturing the Belly Band compressions garments, has led us to meet and talk with many people who have had surgery, often they would share their difficulties and vulnerability about their post-op experience after procedures such a C-Section, Hysterectomy and Hernia surgery.

          My heart was sympathetic to their situation and I realised that the most common problem was the uncertainty of what to do at home after leaving the hospital.

          With this knowledge I set out to find the best non-invasive products and healing tips that are known for post-surgery recovery. Including, wound pain, gas and bloating and scar healing.

          What started out as blog post to help our customers, turned into us manufacturing the products and creating the Heal Better recovery Kits.

          The next step was to provide a convenient way to educate our customers on how to be pro-active in self care when at home, learning how to manage pain, avoiding complications and tutorials on scar care.

          Together with your doctor’s advice, we hope it empowers you to take charge of your own recovery, so you’re back on your feet as painlessly as possible while  ensuring that your body is healing well. 

          I hope the Heal Better kit can bring comfort and make a positive difference in your recovery journey.

          Carol Brunswick ♥︎

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